August 04, 2014

Another Honey Harvest

It wasn't our intent to harvest honey. Our goal was to to get our legs back under us while making sure the bees' needs were met. It's been a year-and-a-half since we worked a hive, so a quick look-see/assessment — to stay ahead of the bees — was our plan. Unfortunately Marty did that – just yesterday – so there wasn't anything for us to do. It turns out, however, that he'd acquired another small hive (same design as ours) that we could work. So we did.

July 31, 2014

VIT Report: One Year Into Venom Immunotherapy

It's been a year since I started VIT and here's the scoop. The nurses that I asked didn't seem to know but, from what I could find on the Internet, industry target for VIT seems to be 100μg per injection, which is a full cc. (Bees release 50–140μg of venom per sting.) My maintenance dose is currently half that (the computer screen there says 0.5cc) but the goal remains 100μg/cc.