April 24, 2015

They Had Me at Honey

Photo Credit:  Annette Slade Photography
The REHYDRATOR ingredient list is cherry, aloe, cranberry, lime, and honey. 'nuff said. We ordered two.

A pretty drink which, strangely, I did not Instagram, I think it's the red one in the background. We were served drinks that looked like the yellow one in the foreground, I think. It's all kind of of a blur. Whatever it looked like, I took a sip… and then another. There was something in it that I could not identify. "What does aloe taste like?" I asked. I took one more sip. And then I knew. The thing that I could not identify was alcohol, lots of proofy alcohol. It wasn't the taste of alcohol that I identified, though. It was my heart that I felt, starting to pound, pound, pound. What ensued was a bad case of Asian Flush. So bad that I contemplated using my EpiPen.

April 10, 2015

Zing Bang! I'm getting an award.

"Veronica: I'm getting an award! Every year the Veridian Charitable Foundation honours someone who's been outstanding and this year they've chosen me. 
Linda Zwordling: For what? 
Veronica: For being outstanding! 
Linda Zwordling: For being outstanding at what? 
Veronica: [pause] I'm getting an award! 
Better Off Ted: "Mess of a Salesman"

I already posted on how the Backyard Bee Hive honey won first place, so I won't repeat myself, but Zip Bang, I'm gettin' an award! When my medal arrives, I'll post a pic on Instagram. [pause] You are following me on Instagram, right?


Ouch! 10 Dogs That Ate Bees and Their Sad, Sad Puppy Faces

If you Google it, there aren't many results for cats eating bees but there's TONS for dogs eating bees. Along with these pictures, it's proof that cats rule and dogs drool. I will admit that there are some smart dogs out there, service dogs for example, and K-9 officers. But the rest of them could really benefit from this, my first, sponsored post – how to keep dogs away from beehives. Thank you, dogfencediy.com, for sponsoring the Backyard Bee Hive Blog.

April 06, 2015

VIT Report: 2 Years Post-Anaphylaxis

Two years ago today I received the life-changing sting that sent me down the path of bee Venom Immunotherapy. So far I've put 540 miles on the car and taken 147 allergy shots, about half the total number of miles & shots I expect it will take to complete the therapy. If I don't have any more adverse reactions to the therapy, I should finish by late-summer 2018. Until then, I have to carry epinephrine autoinjectors on me, the subject of today's post.